Better Hearing - IN THE NEW YEAR!

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Come see us for a FREE hearing consultation and to find out which technology level fits your lifestyle and hearing loss.

Make better hearing a priority.

Visiting Heritage Hearing for the first time? No problem! Call today and receive the following:

  • FREE hearing consultation
  • FREE DEMONSTRATIONS of our newest hearing technology
  • FREE examination of your ears to check for wax build-up
  • FREE clean & check of your current hearing aids 

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A hearing consultation is very important,
especially if...

  • People seem to mumble, especially in noise or groups.
  • Others tell you the TV volume is too loud.
  • You need others to repeat what they are saying.
  • You remain quiet in conversations for fear of responding improperly.
  • You have trouble hearing in church or social gatherings.

Don’t let another year of missed conversations go by! 

Call today to schedule your no obligation FREE hearing consultation!